About Us

I have always had a hectic life. Kids, home, busy job. But over the years I was so busy getting everything done for everyone else,  I stopped taking care of myself.  It came time, and I realized I needed to take better care of myself.  I have sensitive skin and when I was trying out products I would often have reactions and the lotions didn’t feel like they were really doing what I needed them to do.  It sparked an interest in me to make less complicated-natural products my skin would love.  Thus started my skin-body care journey.  I formulated some products from all natural ingredients and guess what…..they worked.   Not only do they work but my Skin loves them.  I have soft, moisturized skin. Aside from the fact I get results, I truly enjoy using them. They  help me carve out  “Me Time.”   I realized other women would also love the products as much as I did and thus Wild Rose Bath Company was born. I think you will love these products because not only do they provide results, they are enjoyable to use.  I believe skin care should smell and feel amazing and add pleasure to your daily routine.