Bubble Bar Scoop - Pumpkin Brulee

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Pumpkin Brulee Bubble Scoop 

Large 4-5oz
A delicious scent of home made Apple Pie


Crumble/Break a piece off of the bar and place in a bag or a nylon , or you can hold with your hand the running tap so all the pieces melt & make bubbles. Hot water makes more bubbles than warm. Agitate the water by hand to create more bubbles. Then enjoy a natural bubble bath with a relaxing fragrance!
This method keeps you from losing pieces to the bottom of the tub. (Undissolved bubble bar does not make crumble any lose pieces under water. Depending on how many bubbles you like each bar is good for 1-4 baths use a little or a lot depends on how many bubbles you want.
This listing is for one bubble bar Approximately 4.-5oz or more.